Why should small businesses choose Waybiller for freight?

Waybiller is software created by the software development company Thorgate that focuses on digitizing and making logistics processes easier. Waybiller is designed for the digital management of waybills for both large and small companies. At the same time, Waybiller is very flexible and responsive to customer needs.

Warns about overweight

The e-waybill allows you to check the full weight of the truck in real-time and warns the driver if it’s overweight. The calculation of the gross weight of a vehicle is the sum of 1) the vehicle and trailer data from the vehicle register and 2) the weight of the load obtained from the reference weight at departure or entered by the driver. This is compared to the registered weight of the vehicle. Waybiller takes the technical parameters of the vehicle used to calculate the weight, from the Estonian Transport Administration database. 

Of course, the driver must know and is accountable for how much load they can take. Compliance with the law is monitored by the police, who have the right to reweigh the car. The police can make a fine of up to 400 euros, but the Transport Administration many times more. The fine is made to the construction company, which forwards it to the carrier.

Transparent and safe 

With Waybiller, you can enter, process and analyze data with just a few clicks and in real-time.

  • Create waybills on the go – truck drivers can create e-waybills with just a few clicks. All they need is a smart device with an internet connection. Waybiller runs on any smart device and can be used in both the browser and the Android/iOS app that can be downloaded to the smart device.
  • Real-time overview of shipments to the sender, carrier and receiver – shipment information is available to all parties in real-time.
  • Comprehensive reporting of all shipments – it’s possible to filter out waybills for all shipments and save the result in Excel. There’s a complete report of the information on all the waybills and this information can be analyzed according to your needs.
  • Track the movement of machines in real-time – with Waybiller’s Android and iOS app, you can track the location of your cargo in real-time. It also saves the route of the cargo and links it to the waybill.

Contact-free and economical

The e-waybill is a contactless solution that makes freight truly paperless. All information entry and processing is done online and the truck driver doesn’t even have to leave the truck at any stage of the delivery. All you need is a smart device with an internet connection. This completely eliminates the need for any face-to-face contact – even the receivers can confirm the receipt online.

In addition, digital waybills save time and money and increase transparency for everyone involved. The cost of managing waybills is reduced by up to 3-4 times and is faster and more accurate.

Karpo Veod: no need to fear the system! 

Karpo Pärtel, chairman of the management board of Karpo Veod OÜ, gave us an overview of using Waybiller from a small company’s point of view. The system is simple enough for even a person with limited smart device experience to comprehend. On the management level, preparation is the key: in principle, it’s possible to send a driver to a quarry without them even having to get out of the car. For this, of course, the waybill has to be created with the correct information before arriving at the destination. In addition, there is one specially licensed vehicle in the Karpo Veod fleet, which requires more detailed and challenging data entry, but once things are in place, it’s also easy to use for freight. 

Karpo notes that a truck cannot be sent to its destination without a waybill. Otherwise, the driver may have to sit in the quarry for hours, as everything in the system has to be in order. The same goes for general delays – when a system is overloaded, everything is brought to a halt, but with good preparation, this is easy to solve or even avoid. 

In general, Karpo recommends not to fear the system. When everything’s clear, the work runs smoothly. As one of the big advantages, he brings out a good overview – firstly, it’s good to look at all the waybills at the end of the week, and secondly, all changes are tracked immediately. Soon, everything will be digital, and one has to keep up with the changing world!

If you’d like to know how you can start using e-waybills in your company, write to us at waybiller@waybiller.com or call +372 699 1636.