Find out how Waybiller makes freight truly paperless for countless industries – from quarries to harbours


Using paper-waybills is a massive waste of paper and time. Each shipment requires several copies of waybills, which have to be filled out manually and later entered into a spreadsheet or accounting software. E-waybills make this process faster, safer and greener. Find out how Waybiller makes freight truly paperless for countless industries from quarries to harbours and makes life easier for all parties involved. 

Waybiller is extremely easy to use – it has convenient Android and iOS apps so the driver can create an e-waybill at the starting point using their own smart device. If there’s a scale at the place of departure, they can acquire the necessary e-waybill data directly from the scale, and the driver only has to enter the start of the freight. The created e-waybill is immediately visible in Waybiller software to all shipment parties – the shipper, the carrier and the recipient. It’s also possible to track the location of the truck on a map in real-time. When the shipment arrives at the destination, the recipient can accept the e-waybill with one click on their smart device – the accepted e-waybill is immediately forwarded to all parties by email.

Transparent and safe 

With Waybiller, you can enter, process and analyze data with just a few clicks and in real-time.

  • Create waybills on the go – truck drivers can create e-waybills with just a few clicks. All they need is a smart device with an internet connection. Waybiller runs on any smart device and can be used in both the browser and the Android/iOS app.
  • Real-time overview of shipments to the shipper, carrier and recipient – shipment information is available to all parties in real-time.
  • Comprehensive reporting of all shipments – you can filter out waybills about all shipments and save the result in Excel. You get a complete report of all the information on all the waybills and can analyze the information according to your needs.
  • Track the movement of vehicles in real-time – with Waybiller’s Android and iOS app, you can track the location of your cargo in real-time. It also saves the route of the cargo and links it to the waybill.

Integrates with both weighing systems and accounting software

Waybiller integrations help users reduce manual data entry and avoid entering data multiple times.

For example, integration with the weighing system (which we have done in Eesti Killustik, Port of Kunda, Kunda Nordic Cement, Farmers’ Cooperative KEVILI, etc.) allows the shipper to automatically create an e-waybill and also automatically enter the weight of the cargo. The created e-waybill is also immediately available to the carrier and the recipient through Waybiller.

Integration with the port’s software allows ports to easily issue digital waybills and automatically issue gate permits upon receipt of cargo.

Integrations with accounting software help data move automatically into the accounting program so that you don’t have to enter it manually. Furthermore, with the e-waybill data, you can create sales invoices with a few clicks. It saves a lot of time, effort and human resources.

Customer success stories 

  • For many years, the Farmers Cooperation KEVILI looked for ways to make grain transport more efficient, better traceable and paperless. At the end of 2018, they started using the e-waybill software Waybiller, and since then they’ve significantly reduced the share of shipments with paper waybills. Today, Waybiller is integrated with the KEVILI grain terminals in Rõngu and Roodevälja, as well as with all of KEVILI’s larger warehouses in various ports. While in the 2019 grain season about 20–30% of shipments were made with e-waybills, in the 2020 and 2021 grain seasons almost all grain shipments were made with e-waybills.
  • As a result of using Waybiller, the efficiency of logistics management at PK Oliver has increased dramatically. Previously, it took 4 full working days each month to check reports and invoices. Now the whole process only takes ~ 4 hours. In other words, it takes 4 hours instead of 32 hours to do the same job, and the quality doesn’t suffer at all – quite the contrary.
  • For Eesti Killustik’s customers and freight companies, the transition to e-waybills meant that waybills from Eesti Killustik’s quarries are no longer issued on paper. All waybills can be ordered in PDF format by e-mail or conveniently received as a summary report in Excel format from Waybiller. The driver no longer has to leave the truck to take a waybill from the issuer, which saves time spent in the quarry. As the data is digital and the e-waybill data is exactly the same for the shipper, carrier and recipient, no waybills get lost and the data is easily comparable. This makes mutual accounting easier, faster and more transparent.
  • The logistics company Taital Trans started using Waybiller at the beginning of 2020. Even though they were just taking their first steps toward becoming paperless, they saved around 30 000 sheets of paper that year alone. At the same time, they cut their waybills review time from 2–3 days to a few hours per month and reduced the number of errors to almost negligible.

“With Waybiller, we significantly cut time spent on data entry: the tasks that used to take days are now done in less than a day. This made life easier for both us and our customers, as monitoring information in real-time is a great help for a 24/7 port.”

Jaanus Saame, Head of the Terminal Services of the Port of Kunda 

E-waybill is a step to the future 

Issuing an e-waybill is faster than issuing a paper waybill – the driver only has to do a few clicks in Waybiller. The e-waybill is also more accurate because the raw data comes from the system. Drivers need to enter less data, so there’s less risk for human error. Since the data is digital from the start, it’s better to process and analyze it. E-waybills also mean a faster flow of information and save significant time to all parties. 

Waybiller CEO, Ivar Merilo, explains: “Waybiller can help logistics companies lower handling costs by up to four times. By shifting to an electronic format, the three parties involved in each shipment (shipper, carrier, recipient) benefit from the increased overall logistics efficiency, giving them a competitive advantage.”

Merilo adds: “Most recently Waybiller has helped automate quarry operations, developed integrations with harbours, and automation for freight shippers. With its different functionalities, Waybiller replaces manual labour and significantly reduces administration costs for logistics companies.”

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