4 reasons to choose Waybiller for hauling timber

Waybiller software helps digitally manage waybills in companies of all sizes and sectors – from quarries to ports to agriculture, Waybiller makes freight paperless, more sustainable and more efficient. Recently, Waybiller was integrated with the timber e-waybill software of Estonian Forest and Wood Industries Association. Find out how Waybiller can help make timber transport more efficient, transparent and convenient  – no matter the location. 

Waybiller is a software developed by the IT agency Thorgate that focuses on digitizing and making logistics processes easier. Waybiller aims to be a flexible and responsive partner to their customers’ needs. So far, they’ve largely focused on gravel and grain transport, but many of their customers also supply timber and want to conveniently manage their operations in one software. That’s where integrations come to play. 

Waybiller is known for playing well with others and knows the importance of system integration. For example, recently they’ve integrated with the new EVR (e-waybill register of Estonian Forest and Wood Industries Association) software in Estonia. Now all changes made to Waybiller are immediately reflected in EVR. For example, it’s possible to cancel waybills in Waybiller, and as a result, the waybill is also cancelled in EVR. 

Here are four ways Waybiller makes hauling timber easier and more efficient. 

1. With Waybiller you can transport up to 52 tons of timber on Estonian roads

The driver must carry a waybill if they carry out a paid freight. A waybill confirms that the carrier has a contract of carriage for the cargo with the customer. In addition, the law prohibits the carriage of overweight loads which is controlled by the police. The maximum permissible weight of a standard cargo is up to 48 tons and up to 52 tons with an e-waybill. However, not all road trains moving on Estonian roads can carry a load of 52 tons, but one needs to acquire a special and meet a number of other legal requirements.

An e-waybill allows you to check the full weight of the truck in real-time and warns the driver if the weight exceeds the limit. The gross vehicle weight is calculated based on the vehicle and trailer data from the vehicle register, to which the weight of the load is added – either the reference weight from the place of departure or the weight manually entered by the driver. Waybiller takes the technical parameters of the vehicle from the Estonian Transport Administration registry. In addition, Waybiller is currently the only e-waybill software in Estonia that can be actively checked by the police.

2. Waybiller is integrated with a number of weighing systems and accounting software

Above all, Waybiller integrations help users reduce manual data entry and avoid having to enter data repeatedly.

For example, the weighing system integration in the Port of Kunda allows the sender of the goods to automatically create an e-waybill and input the weight of the goods. The created e-waybill is also immediately available to the transport company and the receiver through Waybiller. Among other things, the Port of Kunda is one of the largest ports in Estonia which requires its customers to use an e-waybill.

Integrations with accounting software send the data automatically into the accounting program so that you don’t have to enter it manually. With the e-waybills’ data in the accounting program, you can create sales invoices with a few clicks. It saves a lot of time, effort and human resources.

3. Waybiller is transparent and safe 

With Waybiller, you can enter, process and analyze data with just a few clicks and in real-time.

  • Create waybills on the go – truck drivers can create e-waybills with just a few clicks. All they need is a smart device with an internet connection. Waybiller runs on any smart device and can be used in both the browser and the Android/iOS app that can be downloaded to the smart device.
  • Real-time overview of shipments to the sender, carrier and receiver – shipment information is available to all parties in real-time.
  • Comprehensive reporting of all shipments – it’s possible to filter out waybills for all shipments and save the results in Excel. There is a complete report of all the waybills’ information which can be analyzed according to your needs.
  • Track the movement of vehicles in real-time – with Waybiller’s Android and iOS app, you can track the location of your freight in real-time. It also saves the route of the freight and links it to the waybill.

4. Confirming deliveries is easy for the receivers 

We’ve created a simple user interface https://evr.thorgate.eu, from which the timber shipment recipients can see the incoming loads and add measurement data to them. To create an account, you need the company’s EVR API key (issued by Estonian Forest and Wood Industries Association under the EVR User Agreement) and an e-mail user to create an account and send a password. The monthly payment for the solution is 35 Eur + VAT.

Check out the Waybiller price list and various packages for transport companies and transport managers.

Are you looking to make your timber transport easier and more efficient? To learn more about Waybiller, contact us at waybiller@waybiller.com or book an appointment with our specialists using the links below:

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